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More Metal Gear Solid

MGS recs~! Mostly relating to MGS4 -- Snake/Otacon and Big Boss/Ocelot being my two favorite pairings X3.

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Fandom: Metal Gear Solid (some spoilers for 4)
Author: Athena Crikey
Character(s): Snake/Otacon
Rating: R
Summary: Shadow Moses has aged alongside him, years of Alaska’s furious winters having ravaged whatever the post-Incident military strike did not.
A fantastic set of ficlets, but then everything by Athena Crikey is fantastic. Circle in particular, while not slashy, gives me chills. Overall some nice introspection pieces to read while thinking about playing through MGS4 again ^^;;.

Deadly Poisonous Hamster Day
Fandom: Metal Gear Solid (spoilers for 4)
Author: Karose
Character(s): Ocelot-hearts-Big-Boss
Rating: R
Summary: He didn't want to believe it, but after more than a dozen attempts Ocelot had to concede there was, indeed, some cosmic force determined to keep him from having sex with this man.
Crack fic, as the title implies, but somehow it's still completely in the spirit of canon. Time Paradoxes prevent Ocelot and Big Boss from hooking up, which is at once disappointing and humorous XDXD. Few fics make me laugh as hard as this one XDXD.

The Night Ocelot Was Conceived
Fandom: Metal Gear Solid
Author: Falstaff
Character(s): The Joy/The Sorrow, implied Ocelot-hearts-Big-Boss
Rating: Um...silly NC-17-ish?
Summary: "Dad, I know all about the birds and the bees!" "But you don't know about sex, do you? Anyhow, you unroll it like this-"
Really silly fic about Ocelot's dad coming back to tell him about...well, the title says it all. Somehow, it never gets old. More crack-fic, but so, so delicious XDXD>

Fandom: Metal Gear Solid
Author: Falstaff
Character(s): Vamp/Raiden, Ocelot/many
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Written before MGS4, but some speculation for post-MGS2. Very cool, even though it's doesn't fit with canon. I love her writing so much -- if only one day she'd finish _o_.

Aurochs and Angels
Fandom: Metal Gear Solid
Author: Falstaff
Character(s): Ocelot/Liquid
Rating: PG-13
Summary: I'm looking forward to the day that I am responsible for his death. He'll never be closer to his father than he is at the moment he realizes he's been betrayed.
Fic written for me~ <3<3<3. I asked for Ocelot and any Snake, and she threw in Nabokov refs as a bonus. Love X3X3.

Long Ride Home
Fandom: Metal Gear Solid (spoilers for 4)
Author: Sharky-chan
Character(s): Big Boss/Ocelot, implied Big Boss/Eva
Rating: R
Summary: Of course Eva knows, and of course she's not jealous, but knowing that Ocelot knows that she knows is a source of constant irritation. It itches like a wound unable to heal.
Oh, tackiest of the tacky -- reccing my own fic. Whatevs. I have no scruples. This should not come as a surprise. Ocelot's relationship to Eva fascinates me. I want more fic about them and Big Boss :(.
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