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Fic recs for our group of friends
This is not a serious fic recommendation community. Instead it's a community for a group of friends (and anyone else who cares to join us!) who want to rec for each other. Anything goes. Any fandom, any pairing, any rating, any genre are welcome). Fanart and vids and anything else fandom-related are also appreciated.

As I'm assuming we're all at least acquaintances, commentary on the fic choices is welcome -- both positive and critical (as long as it's not downright mean). The point is not just to read good fic (although that's a major point), it's to celebrate our diverse interests and enjoy discussions about them.

So join us! Or don't. We're cool with pretty much anything XD.

As a general rule for the format of posting fics:

Fic Title
Fandom: Fandom or fandoms
Author: Author's pen name
Rating: G, PG-13, R or NC-17, rate at your own discretion
Character: Primary characters of fic or a pairing
Summary: A brief summary of the fic and a couple lines about why you like it

Include a spoiler warning if necessary.

Other rules include the basics: don't be a dick, lj-cut when appropriate, etc. I suppose I can post more if this comm grows and hard guidelines become necessary. Otherwise, have fun and go wild!